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The Experts for Smoke / Heat Exhaust SHE and Natural Ventilation Systems

Modern buildings and systems can optimally fulfill their function with a smoke, heat extraction and ventilation concept only.
This applies both to the comfort and well-being of the people working in it and to safety, for example in the event of a fire where hot gases and a lot of heat are generated.
SHE Heat and smoke extraction and ventilation systems are primarily executed electrically and manufactured almost exclusively project-related.

Our company Weber & Rosenhäger WERO plans, develops and manufactures all components for these systems.
The production and delivery program includes electrical controls, electric drives, sensors, air conditioning evaluation and switching devices as well as heat and smoke extraction and ventilation buttons. We also manufacture pneumatic heat and smoke extraction and ventilation systems and devices.

Individual Development & Projects

Efficiency, functionality, safety are given comprehensively if object-related, special requirements for the systems are dealt with. For us, this is a corporate principle – for the benefit of our customers.

In-house Production & Special Solutions

Complete in-house production of both electronics and mechanics guarantees the highest product quality. The development of individual solutions is based on the latest technology including CNC and CAD/3D.

Qualified Installation & Maintenance

We build, assemble and maintain ourselves. In conjunction with our experienced and qualified fitters, this ensures the highest quality in assembly and maintenance. That gives optimal function and safety.

About WERO

Our company has been planning, developing and manufacturing SHE smoke and heat extraction and ventilation systems with all components for around 60 years. Our production and delivery programme includes electrical controls, electric drives, sensors, air-conditioning switching and evaluation devices as well as SHE and ventilation buttons. Today, SHE and ventilation systems are primarily electrical. However, pneumatic systems as well as hydraulic systems and devices are still part of our product range.


Customer-related Production

We supply our customers with SHE and ventilation systems in many variations and for the most diverse applications in the shortest possible time. The SHE and ventilation systems are almost exclusively planned and manufactured for specific projects. This requires high flexibility and short processing times in production. The in-house development and production of electronic components guarantee innovation, quality „Made in Germany“ and functional reliability for the sensitive SHE area.

At present, multi-axis lathes and machining centres are the heart of our machining production. At the heart of our development are modern CAD workstations for the 3D simulation of assemblies and applications.


Qualified Installation, Maintenance and Services

Our own experienced assembly and maintenance technicians install our systems and carry out maintenance work on them throughout Germany.


Worldwide Customer Base

In numerous reference projects throughout Germany and in neighbouring countries up to the Middle East, SHE and ventilation systems from „WERO“ ensure daily ventilation comfort and safe smoke extraction in the event of fire. See REFERENCES below.


Certified and Environmentally Sound Quality and Production

On the basis of DIN EN ISO 9001 and as the ZVEI SHE (RWA) installer, we are certified as a qualified system manufacturer for smoke and heat ventilation systems.
We carry EPD environmental product declarations for the environmentally sound production of our essential components. All for the benefit of our customers.
* Certified Quality Management acc. DIN EN ISO 9001
* Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Electrical Drives and Pneumatic Cylinders
* Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Electrical Control Units and Pneumatic Valves / Alert System


Our Service and Delivery Programme

WERO has been producing and delivering the following product range for a worldwide customer base for more than 60 years:

  • Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems SHE
  • Combined SHE and ventilation systems
  • Air conditioning switchgear and sensors
  • Remote controls for opening elements in buildings


The product range is supplemented by the following installation and maintenance services:

  • Installation of complete SHE and ventilation systems
  • Complete construction work from a single source
  • Maintenance according to DIN/ISO Standards
  • Repair, emergency and customer service throughout Germany

Our Product Range and Accessories (please click for the list)

1. SHE and ventilation systems with electric drives 24 V DC

  • SHE stairwell systems
  • SHE compact systems
  • Compact ventilation control panels
  • SHE module systems
  • Accessories for SHE systems
  • SHE spindle drives 500 N
  • SHE spindle drives 1000 N
  • SHE spindle drives 1500 N
  • SHE short-stroke drives for opening shears
  • SHE short-stroke drives for louvre windows
  • Electromotive wing locking
  • Tandem / synchronous and closing sequence controls
  • SHE-DIN button „trigger smoke exhaust
  • Smoke and / or heat detectors
  • Ventilation buttons and key switches
  • Automatic climate control wind / rain / temperature
  • Drive test devices / power supplies 230V / 24 V

2. Ventilation systems with 230 V AC electric drives

  • Electric spindle drives 230 V AC
  • Electric chain drives 230 V AC

 3. SHE and ventilation centres with pneumatic actuation

  • Manual control valves, priority valves
  • Pneumatic lifting cylinders
  • Wing locking with CO2 release
  • Gas springs and accessories
  • Installation material and accessories

4. SHE and ventilation systems „OPEN“ with electro holding magnets

  • Electromagnetic leaf locks 24 V DC
  • Gas springs and accessories


Examples of WERO Reference with Photos (please click):

In numerous reference properties throughout Germany, in neighboring countries and now worldwide, SHEV and air ventilation systems from „WERO“ ensure daily ventilation comfort and safe smoke extraction in case of a fire.

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